The Balkans explained

The Balkans explained



This is the chain of mountains from which the Balkan Peninsula derives its name.

Stunning, isn’t it?

The Balkans is made up of around a dozen countries, although the inclusion of some including Kosovo and Moldova is disputed.


They are:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Kosovo
  • The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey

Greece, Romania and Serbia are among the countries that don’t recognise Kosovo as an independent state, while Moldova is on the geographic borderline of the peninsula.

And Turkey is only partly located in the Balkans — that being the  portion west of the Bosphorus which is geographically part of Europe.

Known in Bulgaria as Western Stara Planina, the Balkan mountain range runs 560 kilometres from the Vrashka Chuka Peak on the border with Serbia eastward to Cape Emine on the Black Sea.

There you can discover “breathtaking views, old virgin forests and a unique wealth of wild flora and fauna”, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Its highest peak is Botev at 2,376 metres high ⛰

The region is famous for its unique rock sculptures near Belogradchik and the Torlak and Karakachan ethnic groups and their traditions including amazing Chiprovtsi handmade carpets 👍

This makes it an excellent destination for mountaineers, climbers, hikers and other adventure seekers‼️


📷 World Wildlife Fund

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